Proventus Group launches unique AI Marketing Platform – Quantum. 

The start of 2020 marked an exciting new era for digital agency Proventus Marketing as they announced the launch of the unique AI integrated marketing platform, Proventus Quantum. The technology is owned by The Proventus Group and compliments its suite of digital services.

Evolving the platform

The AI-assisted technology makes it easy for digital marketers to run display, retargeting, search, and video ads by streamlining the campaign creation process, as well as other cool features and integrations that improve the success of the campaigns.

One of the biggest appeals of the platform is the network reach, businesses can run ads on all the biggest publishers via one campaign setup, shaving hours of time. There are also a number of exclusive networks that can’t be accessed anywhere else, such as the Council Ad Network which offers exclusive inventory on a number of local and district council websites.

Proventus have evolved traditional ad servers and marketing platforms and has added new features including bot free clicks technology ClickProtect – leading technology in preventing bots from wasting spend by clicking on ads. The Quantum reporting dashboards provide a more detailed breakdown and give businesses more insight into audience behaviours and activity to improve the performance of future campaigns.

Leading the way

Whilst similar technology is already on the market, none is as accessible and affordable for all businesses, with many platforms demanding spend of tens of thousands of pounds to even start, whereas Quantum packages start at just £1,999.

With both self-serve and managed campaign packages available, the Quantum platform is an ideal solution for any business, with any level of an existing online presence.

Alex Bury, CEO of the Proventus Group said ‘We are thrilled to have the opportunity to launch such a great piece of technology under the Proventus umbrella. The core value of Proventus is to revolutionise online marketing by providing businesses with no-fuss digital marketing that generates actual results and helps them to grow their business – and Quantum fits in perfectly with that. By offering a digital marketing platform, we are making digital marketing more accessible to businesses and they can achieve the results they need without having to spend more than they need to.”

Ready now

Quantum has launched in the UK and globally, so you can create your first campaign straight away! If you’d like to learn more before starting, you can get a free demo of the product and the team will be more than happy to talk you through the features. Contact the team on 01865 570061 or

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