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Reach exclusive publishers and new audiences

Access all the biggest networks in one place, including exclusive publishers such as the Council Ad Network, allowing you to expand your visibility and reach your target audience engage with them like never before.

Advanced data analysis and audience predictions

Quantum uses AI technology that enables deep analysis of audience behaviours, allowing the experts managing your campaigns to continuously adapt your strategies and improve your results.

Create, track and measure every online ad in one place

With access to all major ad networks, Quantum allows you to run all your online ads in one place. Create campaigns in just minutes, or let our experts do it for you and sit back, explore the advanced report dashboards and watch the leads come in.

Generate leads, increase revenue

Maximise every penny spent on your marketing. Quantum’s smart targeting ensures only relevant audiences see your ads and no budget is wasted on users that aren’t relevant – increasing your ROI and making your budget stretch further.

Power your ads with exclusive, unlimited reach

Results that speak for themselves

Quantum is working with UK Government District and County Councils to help them meet growing need to engage with local communities and expand their online reach.

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